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Fellows by Area of Expertise

In any given year, there are up to 25 key policy analysts serving as senior fellows of the World Policy Institute. Their research, publications, public appearances and commentary in the print and electronic media comprise a body of work that makes the Institute an unparalleled leader in the national and international policy arenas. 

World Policy Institute Senior Fellows and Project Leaders offer expert commentary on 14 broad international policy areas listed below. By clicking on a topic and fellow you will find a brief biography, detailed resume, and contact information. 

Details on specific research projects at the World Policy Institute are also available.

Africa         Health
American Foreign Policy   Immigration
Arms Trade   International Law & Human Rights
Arts and Policy   Media Criticism
Asia   Middle East
Central/South America  


Energy & the Environment   Religion
Eurasia   Russia & CIS
European Policy   Technology
Global Economy   United Nations
Global Security    



Monique El-Faizy - Egypt, Coptic Christians, sectarian conflict
Todd Lester -North Africa, forced migration
William Powers - Liberia; sustainable forestry; development
Khadija Sharife - Development
David Stevens - Southern African Politics

American Foreign Policy

Jonathan Cristol
William Hartung
Nina Khrushcheva - US-Russia
James Nolt - US-East Asia
Andrew Reding - US-Latin America
Sherle Schwenninger
Masaru Tamamoto
- US-Japan
Martin Walker

Arms Trade

William Hartung
Swadesh Rana - Small arms control

Arts & Policy

Jonathan Cristol - intersection of popular culture and international relations theory
Todd Lester - art and culture
Karl Meyer
Damaso Reyes - photography and photojournalism


Michelle Fanzo - Afghanistan; Burma/Myanmar
James Nolt - particularly China and Japan; US-East Asia relations  
Swadesh Rana - India; Pakistan; South Asia
Masaru Tamamoto -- particularly Japan; Japan-China and Japan-US relations

Central/South America

Stephanie Elizondo Griest- Mexico
Lawrence Gutman- Latin American politics and markets; U.S.-Latin American relations; urbanization; Cuba; Mexico; Brazil.
Silvana Paternostro - especially Cuba, Colombia 
Andrew Reding - Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Haiti
Lissa Weinmann - Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia 
William Powers - Bolivia, food aid; climate change and deforestation; ecological tourism; indigenous peoples

Energy and the Environment

Erica Dingman - energy and environmental security
Karl Meyer
William Powers - Bolivia, food aid; climate change and deforestation; ecological tourism; indigenous peoples
Khadija Sharife - Africa, climate change
Kim Taipale - energy security


Karl Meyer

European Policy

David Andelman
Belinda Cooper - Germany 
Paul Hockenos
Nina Khrushcheva 
David Rieff - Balkans; Kosovo; Bosnia
Martin Walker

Global Economy 

Michelle Fanzo - International development, emerging markets
Jeffrey Madrick- Finance
James Nolt - International political economy
Sherle Schwenninger 
Martin Walker

Global Security 

David Andelman
Jonathan Cristol- macro-International Security issues
Kim Taipale - Surveillance society; information warfare; cyber-crime
Michelle Fanzo - Sustainability/sustainable development, food security, disaster risk reduction, urbanization.


Siddharth Dube- AIDS, sex work
Lissa Weinmann - Cuba's foreign doctors program


Belinda Cooper- Germany 
Stephanie Griest - Mexico; identity; impact on sending country
Paul Hockenos - Balkans, Germany, Eastern Europe, migration and development
Todd Lester - Africa, Asylum policy
Karl Meyer - treatment of minorities
Silvana Paternostro - Colombia, Identity
Kavitha Rajagopalan - integration, immigrant identity formation, comparative migration policy, Muslim immigrant communities in the West, displacement

International Law & Human Rights 

Belinda Cooper- War crimes; international law; women's rights 
Jonathan Cristol - laws pertaining to emerging states, state recognition, and secessionist movement
Monique El-Faizy - Egypt, Coptic Christians, sectarian conflict
Stephanie Griest - Civil liberties
Todd Lester - Human rights; asylum; refugees
Silvana Paternostro - Women's issues 
Andrew Reding - Human rights; Electoral systems and democracy; Rights of sexual minorities (LGBTI) worldwide
Kavitha Rajagopalan - Corporate Social Responsibility, global corporate behavior and financial systems
Khadija Sharife - Africa

Media Criticism

Eric Alterman 
Stephanie Griest 
Peter Kaufman  - Broadcast; publishing

Middle East

Alon Ben-Meir
Jonathan Cristol
Monique El-Faizy - Egypt, Coptic Christians, sectarian conflict
Todd Lester
Karl Meyer


Sherle Schwenninger
Martin Walker


Monique El-Faizy
Damaso Reyes

Russia & CIS

Nina Khrushcheva - Russia; U.S.-Russia relations 
Peter Kaufman
Sherle Schwenninger 
Martin Walker - Russia

Science & Technology

Jeffrey Madrick- Computers & Productivity 
David Stevens - Technology, Economy, and Politics. 
Kim Taipale - Global Information Society Project

United Nations

Siddharth Dube
Jonathan Cristol
Michelle Fanzo
Swadesh Rana




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